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Richard Carrier – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 316, Carrier, If Jesus was a god and really wanted to save the world
Knockout Quote No 513, Carrier, The Archimedes codex
Knockout Quote No 494, Carrier, No, the character of Jesus in the Gospels was not the wisest and kindest of beings
Knockout Quote No 492, Carrier, The Catholic Church Is an International Rape Factory
Knockout Quote No 344, Carrier, It was the heavenly Jesus that was sold to the masses, not some dead carpenter from Galilee
Knockout Quote No 342, Carrier, There is no evidence that a crucified god was an obstacle to converting
Knockout Quote No 341, Carrier, Among pagans, murdered gods who came back from the dead were wildly popular
Knockout Quote No 324, Carrier, There just wasn’t any evidence Jesus really rose from the dead
Knockout Quote No 321, Carrier, The actual evidence that Jesus rose from the dead consisted of unconfirmable hearsay
Knockout Quote No 314, Carrier, All attempts to argue that Christianity’s origins and success were supernaturally special only
Knockout Quote No 312, Carrier, Right from the start Jesus simply looks a lot more like a mythical man than a historical one
Knockout Quote No 302, Carrier, Attempts to distinguish ‘magic’ from ‘religion’ are apologetic anachronisms
Knockout Quote No 300, Carrier, New Testament Embarrassments, The Parables of Jesus, Not invented yet
Knockout Quote No 290, Carrier, Luke’s methods are demonstrably non historical
Knockout Quote No 277, Carrier, Matthew then added a ridiculous Nativity Narrative
Knockout Quote No 276, Carrier, They would have killed Jesus on the spot So the story is obviously fiction
Knockout Quote No 274, Carrier, The ceaseless incomprehension of the disciples is wholly unrealistic
Knockout Quote No 254, Carrier, The evidence for Jesus is among the most compromised bodies of evidence
Knockout Quote No 215, Carrier, The dying-and-rising son of god originated over a 1000 years before Christianity
Knockout Quote No 205, Carrier, And anyone willing to tell the one lie will be just as willing to tell the other
Knockout Quote No 189, Carrier, Thracian deity Zalmoxis was believed to have died and risen from the dead
Knockout Quote No 184, Carrier, The apostle Paul includes hallucinated trips to heaven
Knockout Quote No 36, Carrier, A rash of messianism in Palestine
Knockout Quote No 182, Carrier, Indeed the Christians took it to a level of veritable lunacy
Knockout Quote No 173, Carrier, The gospel writers are mythographers; novelists; propagandists
Knockout Quote No 164, Carrier, Some scholars have argued there was no Jesus Christ
Knockout Quote No 162, Carrier, Romulus ascends to heaven to rule from on high, Just like Jesus
Knockout Quote No 139, Carrier, Could simply turn his bullets into popcorn
Knockout Quote No 120, Carrier, Almost the entire universe is lethal to life
Knockout Quote No 110, Carrier, The Universe has been mixing chemicals for billions of years
Knockout Quote No 107, Carrier, If God wants something from me, he would tell me
Knockout Quote No 104, Carrier, Christianity is a bizarre cult, superstition
Knockout Quote No 50, Carrier, The Book of Revelation is a veritable acid trip

John W. Loftus – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 506, Loftus, It’s time to give religion in all of its forms a swift kick in the butt
Knockout Quote No 506, Loftus, It’s time to give religion in all of its forms a swift kick in the butt
Knockout Quote No 515, Loftus, All that religious faith produces is more and more diverse and even mutually exclusive religions
Knockout Quote No 514, Loftus, What’s left is the demise of religion and Christianity as a whole

CCCQ No 512, Loftus, Yet Christians believe anyway that God is perfectly good and omnipotent

Knockout Quote No 510, Loftus, Let’s say there is a human person behind the myths about the Jesus in the Gospels
Knockout Quote No 509, Loftus, No, God did not die We just came to the realization he never existed in the first place
Knockout Quote No 508, Loftus, On the heels of the most horrific example of moral evil comes the most horrific example of natural evil
Knockout Quote no 448, Loftus, Defending the Christian Faith requires special pleading
Knockout Quote No 396, Loftus, They obfuscate to make what they believe more palatable
Knockout Quote No 381, Loftus, If some of us would not have sinned in the Garden of Eden under the same “ideal” conditions
Knockout Quote No 376, Loftus, Christian theism has no more credibility than Scientology
Knockout Quote No 356, Loftus, I laugh almost daily when reading something written by one of the top Christian apologists
Knockout Quote No 353, Loftus, Someday in the future people will treat Christianity just like all of the other dead gods and religions
Knockout Quote No 352, Loftus, Believers do not reason well because they are blinded by faith in their culturally inherited fantasies
Knockout Quote No 351, Loftus, As more people think Yahweh is no longer a credible god then more of us should ridicule
Knockout Quote No 346, Loftus, According to Christian theology Jesus is one with Yahweh
Knockout Quote No 343, Loftus, We’ve been above the moon and sent satellites through the solar system
Knockout Quote No 339, Loftus, Christians demand that I prove their faith is impossible
Knockout Quote No 337, Loftus, It would have never entered the mind of a Catholic Christian
Knockout Quote No 336, Loftus, If Allah is the same deity as the one worshipped by Christians
Knockout Quote No 333, Loftus, I have come to the conclusion that Christianity is no more to be respected than Scientology
Knockout Quote No 329, Loftus, Religious philosophy is to philosophy what “creation science” is to science
Knockout Quote No 328, Loftus, It takes sophistication to make Christian faith palatable
Knockout Quote No 327, Loftus, Now is the time to ridicule Christian faith and other faiths in our world
Knockout Quote No 326, Loftus, I mean, come on, the facts are in- there is no positive empirical evidence for the existence of God
Knockout Quote No 325, Loftus, They are simply making shit up to believe and to justify why they believe
Knockout Quote No 323, Loftus, Fairies don’t exist Neither does Yahweh, the supposed Father-god of Jesus
Knockout Quote No 320, Loftus, Christian pseudo-philosophers simply take for granted a set of inconsistent beliefs
Knockout Quote No 315, Loftus, When it comes to Christianity, two thousand years are enough

CCCQ No 311, Loftus, Never forget it was science that discovered these mysteries, not religion

Knockout Quote No 307, Loftus, That’s because it’s the evidence that convinces, not the personalities behind it
Knockout Quote No 299, Loftus, With the rise of science, the method of science, the progress of science
Knockout Quote No 292, Loftus, Faith has no method, solves no problems, and is an utterly unreliable guide
Knockout Quote No 291, Loftus, Biblical studies must end because the evidence is decisive
Knockout Quote No 289, Loftus, Christians are responding to their critics by reinventing their faith every decade
Knockout Quote No 272, Loftus, Faith should be rejected by all reasonable, thinking, emotionally healthy adults
Knockout Quote No 262, Loftus, Believers in the three Abrahamic religious have been killing each other for nothing
Knockout Quote No 261, Loftus, All that believers must do is test their religious faith from the perspective of an outsider
Knockout Quote No 243, Loftus, Believer, you must bring your brain to heel by demanding objective evidence
Knockout Quote No 242, Luftus, Faith is the mother of all cognitive biases
Knockout Quote No 517, Loftus, according to objective evidence evaluated dispassionately without any double standards, as an outsider
Knockout Quote No 208, Loftus, they were wrong to believe in the Bibl
Knockout Quote No 181, Loftus, Evil speaks like a megaphone against the existence of this God
Knockout Quote No 163, Loftus, How might gospel writers objectively know Jesus was born of a virgin?
Knockout Quote No 68, Loftus, It’s as if God shot himself in the foot
Knockout Quote No 66, Loftus, subjective experience provide no evidence at all
Knockout Quote No 62, Loftus, I’ve kicked this dead rodent into lifeless blob
Knockout Quote No 181, Loftus, Evil speaks like a megaphone against the existence of this God
Knockout Quote No 109, Loftus, This is the problem of divine hiddenness
Knockout Quote No 379, Loftus,Christianity is just way too improbable to be believed or defended
Knockout Quote No 379, Loftus,Christianity is just way too improbable to be believed or defended

Robert Conner – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 503, Conner, Christianity is ultimately folklore, loosely based on Hebrew folklore
Knockout Quote No 501, Conner, Religion is a mental illness that directly threatens planetary life
Knockout Quote No 493, Conner, Christians just live in a different time zone than the rest of us
Knockout Quote No 468, Conner, It is the Holy Spirit that convinces someone of the truth
Knockout Quote No 444, Conner, The Holy Spirit is flitting around the world whispering into the temporal lobes of billions of people
Knockout Quote No 443, Conner, If you thought the Armageddonists were literally barking insane, psychology increasingly has your back
Knockout Quote No 421, Conner, The British suffered over 57,000 casualties during the first day of the Battle of the Somme
Knockout Quote No 419, Connor, The rantings of a self-deluded man who is pretty clearly off his rocker
Knockout Quote No 417, Conner, Theoretically we have separation of church and state, Separation of church and crazy, not so much
Knockout Quote No 391, Conner, True believers come across to secular moderns as simultaneously condescending and ridiculous
Knockout Quote No 389, Conner, (ERIC) The tsunami of dishonest verbiage shows no sign of receding
Knockout Quote No 388, Conner, That the whisperings of a “Holy Spirit” would take precedence over evidence and its coherent analysis
Knockout Quote No 477, Conner,The apostle Paul was basically rummaging around in the Old Testament
Knockout Quote No 477, Conner,The apostle Paul was basically rummaging around in the Old Testament
Knockout Quote No 475, Conner, We have no problem suspecting new religious movements of being examples of folie à plusieurs
Knockout Quote No 474, Conner, The line between magic and religion is imperceptible
Knockout Quote No 390, Conner, The Holy Spirit made a right shit job of it
Knockout Quote No 366, Conner,The overwhelming majority of Christians know bupkis

David Fitzgerald – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 372, Fitzgerald, Christ is not the solid rock, but shifting sand
Knockout Quote No 372, Fitzgerald, Christ is not the solid rock, but shifting sand
Knockout Quote No 362, Fitzgerald, If you ever get hit by this particular cloud of apologetic squid ink
Knockout Quote No 360, Fitzgerald, It seems the real sin of Judas is not treachery, petty theft or demon possession
Knockout Quote No 359, Fitzgerald, The New Testament sags under the weight of forgeries
Knockout Quote No 358, Fitzgerald, Nowhere do the four gospels ever claim to be the work of eyewitnesses
Knockout Quote No 354, Fitzgerald, The field of Jesus Studies has failed to verify any single fact of Jesus’ life
Knockout Quote No 350, Fitzgerald, Like the pagan miracle workers, Jesus cast out demons and healed the blind, deaf, and mute
Knockout Quote No 349, Fitzgerald, The profile of Jesus in the New Testament is composed of stock motifs
Knockout Quote No 347, Fitzgerald, Jesus Studies is in crisis—because Christianity is in crisis
Knockout Quote No 338, Fitzgerald, The methods that have been devised and employed to tease out hints of the “Real Jesus”
Knockout Quote No 335, Fitzgerald, It’s no skin off my atheist nose if it turns out there WAS a Jesus after all
Knockout Quote No 334, Fitzgerald, How is anyone supposed to take the Gospels at face value?
Knockout Quote No 331, Fitzgerald, It’s no coincidence that the Christians who study the Bible the hardest
Knockout Quote No 330, Fitzgerald, Christianity had a good, long run But it is not too big to fail
Knockout Quote No 273, Fitzgerald,The fool has said in his heart, there is no god “Exactly! The wise man says it out loud
Knockout Quote No 345, Fitzgerald, Like a sweatshop of Rumplestiltskins desperate to spin insistence into ironclad certitude
CCKQ No 371, David Fitzgerald, Saying Jesus invented Christianity is like saying Mickey Mouse invented Disneyland

Guy P. Harrison – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 2, Harrison, the god who makes all the rules
Knockout Quote No 340, Harrison, Then there is popular belief among Christians that God sends billions of people to hell
Knockout Quote No 287, Harrison, Religions make the biggest claims with the least evidence
Knockout Quote No 286, Harrison, Humans have never been united in belief at any time in history Never
Knockout Quote No 282, Harrison, Good Thinking is not a stance or set of skills that come naturally to us
Knockout Quote No 281, Harrison, Religions constantly clash with science, Reality and truth are the goals of science
Knockout Quote No 279, Harrison, Science shows, while religions simply make claims and leave it at that
Knockout Quote No 278, Harrison, The belief system endures despite a profoundly strange and wholly unproven premise
Knockout Quote No 253, Harrison, This religion stands in direct opposition to the full blossoming of a human mind
Knockout Quote No 216, Christianity would have us not only stagnate but move backward
Knockout Quote No 180, Harrison, The war in China, fought for Jesus, claimed an estimated 20 million lives
Knockout Quote No 172, Harrison, Faith is like Kryptonite to the scientific mind
Knockout Quote No 141, Harrison, Why would god go forward with an obviously bad design?
Knockout Quote No 135, Harrison, Those same whispers from many gods for many centuries
Knockout Quote No 137, Harrison, Look around; life is not fair. What could be more obvious?


Knockout Quote No 131, Harrison, We don’t need gods to connect with something spectacular
Knockout Quote No 100, Harrison, Many thousands of excavations have been conducted
Knockout Quote No 99, Harrison, All the monumental religious controversies
Knockout Quote No 94, Harrison, if the gods really do need money
Knockout Quote No 91, Harrison, instruction manuals for achieving a divided, angry, and violent world
Knockout Quote No 88, Harrison, Atheists have found only empty air
Knockout Quote No 65, Harrison, millions of creatures are being eaten alive
Knockout Quote No 63, Harrison, We are a god-inventing species

Randel Helms – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 7, Helms,Inattentive readers will be even more surprised to learn that the Bible is a self-destructing artifact
Knockout Quote No 301, Helms, Each of the canonical Gospels is religious proclamation, the form of largely fictional narrative
Knockout Quote No 297, Helms, The gospels are indeed imaginative literature, fiction

Dan Barker – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 53, Barker, Lay all the preachers in the world end to end
Knockout Quote No 179, Barker, as long as there are people gullible enough to donate to religion
Knockout Quote No 58, Barker, Let’s leave the Jesus myth buried next to Eastre
Knockout Quote No 57, Barker, I discovered there is no need for Christianity
Knockout Quote No 54, Barker, When you ask a Christian to demonstrate