Atheist Writers Group (Skype-based)

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Writers of all genres are invited to apply, and there is no requirement to write about atheism; but our work is informed by an atheist sensibility. We meet for two hours, via Skype, once a month, on a weekday evening. The purpose of the group is twofold:

(1) To offer critiques on our submissions to the group. That is, manuscripts of 20 pages
max (double spaced), per month. Otherwise the readings are too overwAtheist Writers Group, We meet by Skypehelming. The purpose of the critique is not to proofread (clean manuscripts would be expected), nor to teach each other how to write. Rather, we can all benefit from other writers offering suggestions for changes or improvements.

A balance of candor and kindness would always be expected.

(2) To help each other navigate the “jungle out there,’ i.e. the publishing world: how to get noticed by agents and publishers.

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