David Eller – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 51, Eller, Human morality would be better off without the religion additions
Knockout Quote No 491, Eller, Christian love has explained and supported often white-hot hatred
Knockout Quote No 304, Eller, Even more inclined to show his face is Jesus, whose likeness is as likely to appear on a wall
Knockout Quote No 298, Eller, Religions can be as divisive as integrative, can get entire groups killed off
Knockout Quote No 293, Eller, Christian often reinterpret threatening facts as tests of faith by their god
Knockout Quote No 280, Eller, Whether or not any god is omnipresent, religion is, or strives to be
Knockout Quote No 270, Eller, All evidence powerfully suggests that the human brain and mind is a highly imperfect device
Knockout Quote No 247, Eller, Now Christianity is truly a world religion—or a loose association of religious species
Knockout Quote No 245, Eller, The Christian embrace of war would reach its climax in the Crusades
Knockout Quote No 244, Eller, An end-of-the-world movement gathered around William Miller in the 1830s
Knockout Quote No 221, Eller, That which is no longer taken for granted is often not taken at all
Knockout Quote No 212, Eller, There is no such thing as a single, unified, global Christianity

CCCQ No 211, Eller, Like the practice of naming people after religious mythology

Knockout Quote No 206, Eller, The first Christians to be executed over theology

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