John W. Loftus – Quotes

Knockout Quote No 62, Loftus, I’ve kicked this dead rodent into lifeless blob
Knockout Quote No 24, Loftus, Which evangelist will objectively tell the ugly side of the Bible and of the church
Knockout Quote No 524, Loftus, That makes an omniscient Christian God look stupid as well as uncaring
Knockout Quote No 43, Loftus, There really are no sacred scriptures
Knockout Quote No 506, Loftus, It’s time to give religion in all of its forms a swift kick in the butt
Knockout Quote No 46, Loftus, Obfuscationist theology doesn’t change a thing
Knockout Quote No 522, Loftus, What we find exclusively in the Bible is human testimony alone
Knockout Quote No 49, Loftus, If God had done a better job communicating
Knockout Quote No 520, Loftus, There is no divine forgiveness because there is no divine forgiver
Knockout Quote No 515, Loftus, All that religious faith produces is more and more diverse and even mutually exclusive religions
Knockout Quote No 514, Loftus, What’s left is the demise of religion and Christianity as a whole
Knockout Quote No 512, Loftus, Yet Christians believe anyway that God is perfectly good and omnipotent
Knockout Quote No 510, Loftus, Let’s say there is a human person behind the myths about the Jesus in the Gospels
Knockout Quote No 509, Loftus, No, God did not die We just came to the realization he never existed in the first place
Knockout Quote No 508, Loftus, On the heels of the most horrific example of moral evil comes the most horrific example of natural evil
Knockout Quote no 448, Loftus, Defending the Christian Faith requires special pleading
Knockout Quote No 396, Loftus, They obfuscate to make what they believe more palatable
Knockout Quote No 381, Loftus, If some of us would not have sinned in the Garden of Eden under the same “ideal” conditions
Knockout Quote No 376, Loftus, Christian theism has no more credibility than Scientology
Knockout Quote No 356, Loftus, I laugh almost daily when reading something written by one of the top Christian apologists
Knockout Quote No 353, Loftus, Someday in the future people will treat Christianity just like all of the other dead gods and religions
Knockout Quote No 352, Loftus, Believers do not reason well because they are blinded by faith in their culturally inherited fantasies
Knockout Quote No 351, Loftus, As more people think Yahweh is no longer a credible god then more of us should ridicule
Knockout Quote No 346, Loftus, According to Christian theology Jesus is one with Yahweh
Knockout Quote No 343, Loftus, We’ve been above the moon and sent satellites through the solar system
Knockout Quote No 339, Loftus, Christians demand that I prove their faith is impossible
Knockout Quote No 337, Loftus, It would have never entered the mind of a Catholic Christian
Knockout Quote No 336, Loftus, If Allah is the same deity as the one worshipped by Christians
Knockout Quote No 333, Loftus, I have come to the conclusion that Christianity is no more to be respected than Scientology
Knockout Quote No 329, Loftus, Religious philosophy is to philosophy what “creation science” is to science
Knockout Quote No 328, Loftus, It takes sophistication to make Christian faith palatable
Knockout Quote No 327, Loftus, Now is the time to ridicule Christian faith and other faiths in our world
Knockout Quote No 326, Loftus, I mean, come on, the facts are in- there is no positive empirical evidence for the existence of God
Knockout Quote No 325, Loftus, They are simply making shit up to believe and to justify why they believe
Knockout Quote No 323, Loftus, Fairies don’t exist Neither does Yahweh, the supposed Father-god of Jesus
Knockout Quote No 320, Loftus, Christian pseudo-philosophers simply take for granted a set of inconsistent beliefs
Knockout Quote No 315, Loftus, When it comes to Christianity, two thousand years are enough

CCCQ No 311, Loftus, Never forget it was science that discovered these mysteries, not religion

Knockout Quote No 307, Loftus, That’s because it’s the evidence that convinces, not the personalities behind it
Knockout Quote No 299, Loftus, With the rise of science, the method of science, the progress of science
Knockout Quote No 292, Loftus, Faith has no method, solves no problems, and is an utterly unreliable guide
Knockout Quote No 291, Loftus, Biblical studies must end because the evidence is decisive
Knockout Quote No 289, Loftus, Christians are responding to their critics by reinventing their faith every decade
Knockout Quote No 272, Loftus, Faith should be rejected by all reasonable, thinking, emotionally healthy adults
Knockout Quote No 262, Loftus, Believers in the three Abrahamic religious have been killing each other for nothing
Knockout Quote No 261, Loftus, All that believers must do is test their religious faith from the perspective of an outsider
Knockout Quote No 243, Loftus, Believer, you must bring your brain to heel by demanding objective evidence
Knockout Quote No 242, Luftus, Faith is the mother of all cognitive biases
Knockout Quote No 517, Loftus, according to objective evidence evaluated dispassionately without any double standards, as an outsider
Knockout Quote No 208, Loftus, they were wrong to believe in the Bibl
Knockout Quote No 163, Loftus, How might gospel writers objectively know Jesus was born of a virgin?
Knockout Quote No 68, Loftus, It’s as if God shot himself in the foot
Knockout Quote No 66, Loftus, subjective experience provide no evidence at all
Knockout Quote No 181, Loftus, Evil speaks like a megaphone against the existence of this God
Knockout Quote No 109, Loftus, This is the problem of divine hiddenness
Knockout Quote No 379, Loftus,Christianity is just way too improbable to be believed or defended
Knockout Quote No 379, Loftus,Christianity is just way too improbable to be believed or defended

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  1. Just what I’ve always said. The Bible was written by an ignorant superstitious tribe of sheep and goat herders, who thought that the Earth was flat, the sky a big inverted bowl overhead with the stars stuck on it, the sun and moon moved while Earth stood still, diseases were caused by evil spirits, and thunder and lightening a sign of god’s displeasure.

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