Bad Christian Theology – Quotes

CCKQ No 431, Madison, God must have wanted more angels
Knockout Quote No 257, Clark, I found only shabby theological explanations and contrived excuses for God
Knockout Quote No 227, Winell & Tarico, Thus, believers not only get hurt, they get stuck
Knockout Quote No 288, Tarico, Why has the main current of Christianity produced a steady diet of misogyny for 2000 years?
Knockout Quote No 303, Nelson-Pallmeyer, The Bible can inform our religious experience, but it is often wrong about God
Knockout QuoteNo 271, Parsons, Christianity would never have amounted to much without a doctrine of hell
Knockout Quote No 410, koseighty, If you start with the necessity of a human sacrifice to enable an omnipotent god to forgive his creation
Knockout Quote No 485, Tobin, A first-century, xenophobic, ignorant Galilean peasant who thought the world was going to end
Knockout Quote No 483, When Jesus comes back, almost all of humanity will be killed off
Knockout Quote No 521, Harris, I hate to break it to you here at Notre Dame
Knockout Quote No 478, Sanchez, There is little question that the Holocaust had its origins in the centuries-long hostility

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