Funny Atheist Quotes

Knockout Quote No 434, Maguire, This ‘nice God’ hypothesis does run into some knotty problems
Knockout Quote No 493, Conner, Christians just live in a different time zone than the rest of us
Knockout Quote No 486, Hubbard, the answers are usually blah blah context blah blah mysterious ways blah blah metaphor blah blah
Knockout Quote No 468, Conner, It is the Holy Spirit that convinces someone of the truth
Knockout Quote No 465, Gericke, Yahweh is like Donald Duck
Knockout Quote No 463, Without Malice, The one thing you would never hear such a being say is, Oops, didn’t see that coming
Knockout Quote No 462, Without Malice,Thus 2,000 years of Christians going at each other’s throats over idiotic dogmas
Knockout Quote No 444, Conner, The Holy Spirit is flitting around the world whispering into the temporal lobes of billions of people
Knockout Quote No 170, Twain & Bunker, Faoth is…
Knockout Quote No 169, Carlin, This guy would have been out on his all-powerful ass a long time ago
Knockout Quote No 260, Wilde:Bierce, A theologian is like man going into the depths of a cave at midnight
Knockout Quote No 265, RealHarryWiddifield, Your prayers are fart bubbles in the bathtub of the cosmos
Knockout Quote No 306, Sayers, “I don’t think you ought to read so much theology,” said Lord Peter
Knockout Quote No 308, Tarico, Athletes huddle in prayer before a game, just in case those random bounces aren’t random
Knockout Quote No 380, Zingrone,So, go bowling next Sunday instead of attending church and have a good time
Knockout Quote No 430, Bo Daniel, It’s all part of God’s plan is such a breathtakingly witless defense
Knockout Quote No 420, Congerton,The Holy Fact Checker seems to have been on sick leave
Knockout Quote No 422, Carter, So many theologians love to meet at pubs.
Knockout Quote No 424, Lindsay, Religion is believing there’s a diamond the size of a refrigerator buried in your yard
Knockout Quote No 428, Carlin,You know who I pray to? Joe Pesci

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